November 16, 2015
German biogas technology for a better environmental protection in Korea

Agraferm Technologies AG, a leading plant manufacturer in biogas, biomethane and waste recycling plants, is expanding its internationalisation strategy to the Asian market. The company has chosen Seoul as the location for the subsidiary “af biogas” currently in the process of being founded. Korea is an ambitious country with growing environmental awareness. Environmentally friendly manure and waste disposal as well as active water protection are key themes in particular at the moment. It is precisely here that Agraferm uses its great expertise in fermenting a wide range of different feedstock. Three plants are to be built by 2017 and initially run by Agraferm itself to be able to guarantee a stable transfer of knowledge and the comprehensive training of personnel.

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October 26, 2015
A superior solution throughout Europe: more gas through trace elements

Satisfying outcome of two oral proceedings with the European Patent Office’s Board of Appeal in The Hague, the Netherlands, for the internationally operating AD plant builder Agraferm Technologies AG: the appeal against the Agraferm patent number EP 2231528 B1 for the trace element complex was completely rejected at the hearings in September and October. Consequently, AD plant operators can also continue to rely on the usual high quality of the Agraferm trace element solution. Moreover, the appeal from a total of seven parties against the patent of a competitor for a comparable product was sustained.

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October 5, 2015
Green light for a tenth gas-to-grid plant in the United Kingdom - Agraferm Technologies receives three new orders for biogas plants in England

The internationally active Agraferm Technologies AG continues to expand its leading market position in England. In addition to their exceptionally reliable technology and high energy yield, their swift planning and realisation of plants have contributed greatly to the German company's success on the island.

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August 10, 2015
The Future of Biogas Lies in the Diversity of the Raw Materials - Agraferm wins bid for new plant project in Germany

Agraferm biogasanlage beerfelde 0021 300dpi

With its new contract, Agraferm Technologies AG proves that there is still potential for biogas plants in the German market. To exploit this potential, however, plant concepts must be particularly well-thought-out and future-compliant. An especially important detail is flexibility concerning input materials. The emerging trend is moving away from energy crops with movement towards more input of combined raw materials. This is the approach that has been adopted by the new Agraferm plant project in Beerfelde.

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We stir everything!

Markus Ott, Head of Sales Agraferm Technologies AG, commented on the EuroTier 2012 why Agraferm customers can plan their biogas plants without maize.


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