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AD Plant Rambrouch (LUX) - Compact, versatile AD plant, heat supplied to local distributed heating network
AD Plant Merzig (GER) - High efficiency in Saarland for a major energy provider
AD Plant Hohenwart (GER) - Pilot AD plant with consistent high grass load since commissioning
AD Plant Sered (SK) - An example of anaerobic digestion in combination with biofuel production
AD Plant Medicina (I) - AD plant for farmers, compatible with nature reserve demands
AD Plant Mestecko (SK) - An exemple of a farmer cooperative project with high heat usage
AD Plant Woltow (GER) - An example of anaerobic digestion in combination with poultry
AD Plant Dvory (SK) - Feeding system adapted to varied feedstock
AD Plant Cicov (CZ) - Agricultural and food processing waste as a valuable mix with energy crops
AD Plant Perezhir (BY) - Use of agricultural and food waste at an agricultural scientific center
AD Plant Lichtensee (GER) - Flexible operation with both gas to grid and electrical power generation
AD Plant Holleben (GER) - One of the first AD plants with gas to grid in Germany
AD Plant Taverham (UK) - Compact and at the same time highly efficient
AD Plant Great Saxham (UK) - Minimal visual impact with special tank arrangement
AD Plant Poundbury (UK) - The first agricultural AD plant injecting gas into the national grid
AD Plant Bury St. Edmunds (UK) - Mono-digestion in the food industry
AD Plant Mepal (UK) - One of the largest AD Plants in Europe
AD Plant Crowland (UK) - An AD plant with piling of the tanks and concrete secondary containment
AD Plant Doncaster (UK) - Increased performance with 3 stage digestion
AD Plant Reepham (UK) - Highly efficient and Powerful

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