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Maximum load fermentation for best gas yields

Biogas operators around the world have to work with a great variety of feedstocks, and this often places high demands on the agitation equipment.

Agraferm started working on high-load fermentation of energy crops very early on. This maximum load (high-load fermentation/digestion) technology developed and supplied by Agraferm offers AD plant solutions to cope with very high viscosities without having to challenge operational reliability, flexibility and gas yield – whereas conventional plant technologies have to reckon with high dilution, process energies and wear.

This video shows typical highly viscous digester content and demonstrates the robustness and flexibility of our systems. They are much more independent of process water recirculation.

That is why Agraferm plants are regularly rated among the top performers, for example, in the German Federal Government's KTBL measuring programme and BMPII biogas measuring programme.

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