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Bioprocess service for AD plants

The Service division of Agraferm Technologies AG offers solutions tailored to each individual AD plant. The Service Team records all relevant operating data and maintains a clear overview of your AD plant as a whole as well as the feedstocks used.

The biology has to be just right – only the combined action of reliable technology with a stable bioprocess in your digester can guarantee optimal utilisation of your AD plant. For every AD plant operator, it is extremely important to know the status of the AD plant, the quality of the feedstocks and the state of the bioprocess at all times.

Based on analyses and our many years of experience, we create a specific test report and evaluate the individual results for you.

Our services at a glance

  • Bioprocess support
  • Basic analysis
  • Testing of digestate
  • Creation of 'feeding plans' for the digester
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Analysis of the micronutrient state (acidity and trace elements)
  • Evaluation and interpretation of analysis results
  • Management of operation (even of third-party plants)
  • Sale of nutrients and additives

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Metomex – Micronutrient solution with essential trace elements

The aim of every AD plant operator is to generate biogas as efficiently as possible. The greatest reserves in operating an AD plant are in accelerating and stabilising the bioprocess and utilising the available energy potential to the fullest capacity.

The key success factor for an AD plant is a working bioprocess. Optimise the bioprocess of your plant to a new maximum with Metomex.

Complexed micronutrients activate the bacteria in your AD plant to achieve highest performance!

Whether for large or small plants, mono-fermentation or use of slurry – the micronutrients in Metomex offer the best care for your bacteria.

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