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Our paddle agitator stirs everything!

With the development of the robust paddle mixer – which has been successfully used in Agraferm plants for more than a decade – Agraferm has brought the continually changing selection of input materials under control.

While conventional AD plants with submersible motor agitators have to work primarily with slurry, maize or sugar beet, operators of Agraferm AD plants can choose from a wide selection of feedstocks. In an increasingly limited and depleting feedstock market, operators of Agraferm plants can accept feedstocks that other plants can use only in limited amounts, or cannot use at all.

This video shows typical highly viscous digester content and demonstrates the robustness and flexibility of our systems. They are much more independent of process water recirculation.

The Agraferm paddle mixer allows stirring and recycling of input materials with a high dry content and richly structured materials such as poultry manure, green waste, organic waste bin contents, silages etc. in high concentrations.



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