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Technical service of AD plants

The Agraferm Service Team has experience in supervising many of our own plants and plants from various other manufacturers.

Every plant is different – In order to achieve optimal availability of your plant, we provide you with a technical service offer tailored individually to your needs.

Onsite replacement service: We offer a parts replacement service – even if you have purchased the components to be replaced from other sources.

Remote maintenance: In most cases, our service technicians can locate the fault via remote monitoring. That saves time and money.

Supplying your AD plant with spare parts: We will procure and deliver the spare parts for your AD plant. If you prefer, we can also install these spare parts for you.

Full and partial maintenance: Our full maintenance contracts cover one-monthly onsite maintenance. We provide all wearing parts and install them into your plants. If you only wish for partial maintenance, however, we can maintain your plant once every three months. We will give you all important details on how you can keep your plant at the state of the art.

Support and representation in warranty cases: As an independent service provider, we will support you with expert assessments and other written documents when asserting claims against your subcontractors.

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