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Planning and design of AD plants

Choice of site and plant design

 The choice and realistic assessment of suitable sites is a crucial factor in the successful design of AD plants. Agraferm works out the optimal design and construction of your plant together with you. Given our many years of experience, we can already include aspects of later plant management and thus lower your future operating costs thanks to clever plant planning.

With the maximum load fermentation process and the high dry content of the input materials, our container volume is significantly smaller than those from other plant suppliers. Accordingly, our plants have an especially small footprint, and fit even on confined sites that would not be large enough for other plant designs.

Agraferm designs and plans AD and biomethane plants as well as plants for process heat-based power production and ORC waste heat recovery. When planning a project, we carefully check what plant design proves to be the best and most efficient solution in the long term for the respective needs.

Input material and feedstock management

As fermentation experts, we create a suitable plant concept for every available type of biomass and examine the plant design together with you. Because we do not manufacture our own plant components, we are not subject to any tactical limitations. We simply develop the best design for your anaerobic digestion plant.

The core principal of every Agraferm plant is a mass and energy balance based on the selected input materials. Whether using residues from livestock, energy crops, food waste, or household and industrial waste – the mass balance determines every detail of the biodegradation. This makes our process guarantees clear and verifiable. In no small way, Agraferm plants have this high feedstock flexibility to thank for their maximal efficiency.

Gas utilisation

The comprehensive planning of an AD plant goes far beyond the design of the fermenter. Agraferm is continually expanding its ranges of technologies for gas utilisation. Whether biomethane pre-treatment or ORC power generation – we know: A single source for the entire value chain – with no unnecessary interfaces – is the key to economic success.

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