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What are the advantages of an Agraferm AD plant?

Discerning customers and operators opt for Agraferm anaerobic digestion plants for various reasons:

  • Low operating costs
  • Greatest possible flexibility of input materials / feedstocks
  • Minimal risk of failure
  • Maximum economy and low energy consumption
  • Small plant footprint (space requirements)

Key factors in the decision are often the stability of the digestion process, proven reliability of the plants and superior gas yields.

Process responsibility with free choice of components

Another important aspect is that Agraferm is not bound to any one rigid business model. Depending on the requirements in the sector and individual customer wishes, Agraferm can act as general contractor or purely as a technology supplier.

The Agraferm process guarantee
The core competence of Agraferm is our deep knowledge of the digestion process (high-load fermentation) and use of many different types of input material. The company designs optimised core components, but does not manufacture them in-house, rather employs specialised suppliers instead. This way, the most suitable components are always used in each case. Agraferm does, however, pledge its process guarantee for the entire process chain.

The high rate of returning customers confirms our punctuality and close cooperation.

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