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Your partner for economical AD plants

Agraferm plans and constructs professional anaerobic digestion biogas, biomethane (renewable natural gas) and waste processing plants with utmost feedstock flexibility. With more than 100 references in around 20 countries, the Agraferm Group is one of the few providers of turnkey agricultural and industrial plants in the world.

Our plants have an excellent reputation for quality, high availability and reliability, for which they are valued by operators and financiers alike.

Independence through feedstock flexibility

"We handle everything" – and that goes especially for atypical feedstock variants such as grass or solid manure. The feedstock mixture can be changed at any time for any other mixture – for example from maize to slurry or green waste – without any need to invest in new technology.


Quality pays off

Those who focus on quality already in the planning and implementation of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant save good money during its operation. Whether in the digester or pipeline construction or in the control systems – high reliability of technical components has topmost priority. Agraferm plants minimise operating and maintenance costs and achieve higher gas yields.


Space-saving wonder: Extremely small footprint

Convert 500 kWel to 1.5 MWel now – AD plants planned and constructed by Agraferm stand out for high loading rate at the same time as small digester volume. This is made possible by maximum load fermentation – a major advantage for locations with only limited space.


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